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Kris A Wotipka


Due to Covid19, many meetings and events have gone "virtual".  This can be a challenging new world and I am here for you.  Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.  Sometimes it is as simple as using a "free" platform.  Other times, well, it can get a bit more complicated.  Either way, I am here to help.

Kris A. Wotipka

Wotipkapedia Consulting LLC

Chances are that if you are here, you have been referred by one of my clients and for that I am thankful. Not to blow my own horn but I typically don't advertise for work. I have enjoyed almost 30 years in the Entertainment Production business because of great clients who have trusted me with their projects. So, depending on who referred you, let's see what I can help you with.

Most of my work can be broken down into two categories: Video Production or Corporate Theater. Below you will find out about some of the things I do for both aspects of Entertainment Production. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I am always up for a new challenge!

Film and Television

I have done most of my professional work on various sets. Over the years I have been involved with the production of everything from Presidential television campaigns to the opening sequence for a SuperBowl to non-broadcast pieces.  The amount of projects I have done are too numerous to count.  Most of that time I was the Gaffer or somewhere in the camera department.  Lighting and creating "the look" has always been what drives me.

Another one of my passions is to work with new and up and coming filmmakers on local "indie" productions.  I believe that by connecting both the commercial and the theatrical, it helps to keep me fresh by being exposed to these new filmmakers.

Currently my areas of speciality are: Camera Operation, Gaffer, Location Sound (including multitrack SDI embedded), Video Engineer (Location and Truck) and coordinating special or unique situations.







1912 Mimosa St.

Abbeville, La  70510  USA


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